2021-2022 Seed Funding Opportunity

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The Women + Girls Research Alliance (W+GRA) at UNC Charlotte, invites university researchers to submit proposals for funding that focuses on the disproportionate, negative impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on women and girls as it relates to the workforce.

The W+GRA conducts and disseminates research on the social and economic status of women and girls in the CharlotteMecklenburg region. W+GRA research is used to promote public dialogue, inform public policy and programmatic priorities, focusing on the following key areas: 

Education, Employment and Earnings 

Civic and Political Engagement 

Economic Security 

Health and Well-Being 

Violence Against Women 

In March 2021, the W+GRA in partnership with Ally Financial and Bank of America held its bi-annual Summit - Recovery and Discovery: Women & Girls in a Dual Pandemic. The summit focused on the impact of COVID-19 on education, employment, health, domestic violence, and the economic mobility of women and girls in our Charlotte metropolitan community. After the Summit, the W+GRA sent a survey to attendees to help us narrow our focus for the next two years. The responses, combined with insights from the summit, confirmed our focus on women in the workplace. This led us to research centered around what C. Nicole Mason calls a “she-cession...an economic downturn where job and income losses are affecting women more than men."

Based upon the results of the 2021 Summit, W+GRA will offer seed funding of $1,000 to $5,000 to support new or ongoing research efforts whose goals align with our programmatic priority to highlight the issues that women and girls face in the workforce as a result of, or exacerbated by, COVID-19’s impact on the economy and society. Issues may cover a variety of areas, such as: The exposure of gender-biased employment practices during COVID; the disproportionate burden that the pandemic placed on single mothers; and the relationship between employment and housing security; the over-representation of women of color in low wage jobs, particularly front-line workers, and their increased exposure to the virus; the lack of affordable childcare for working mothers.

From October 1-15, 2021, the W+GRA will accept funding proposals for projects that meet the following criteria: 

  • Supporting an ongoing research project or a new research project that addresses the intersectional nature of the problem along the lines of race, class, gender, age, ability, immigrant status, language, location, access to helpful resources, and income.

  • Tangible projects that will support the work of the W+GRA such as conference presentations, workshops, research papers, training, or programs that address the "she-cession" and women missing from the workplace.

An expectation of funding recipients is that the grantee(s) will participate in dissemination activities, including, but not limited to, a podium presentation or poster session at an upcoming W+GRA researchfocused event. Special consideration will be given to those researchers who engage individuals from the “lived experience” of their topic in the definition, execution, application, or presentation of the research.



The proposal should be prepared in a word processing program and submitted via email as a single file attachment in PDF format. Each proposal should include the following components in the order listed and be no longer than four pages in total. These items constitute a complete application:

1. Project Title

2. Applicant name(s) and email(s)

3. Department and/or College

4. Project Description with the following sections:

  1. An Introduction that is clearly written and understandable to a person outside the applicant’s discipline.  The ad hoc review committee will be constituted along broad disciplinary lines, and you cannot assume that someone from your exact discipline or sub‐discipline will be on the committee.
  2. The Significance of the project. Because the committee members come from many disciplines, they must be able to understand the context in which your research is situated. You should explain how your project relates to current developments in your field and/or how the project builds on previous work you have done.
  3. The Objectives of the proposed activity.
  4. The Methods or Steps to achieve the objectives (including design, sample, measures, procedures),
  5. The final document should have 1” margins and use 12‐point type with double-spaced lines.

5. Project Budget and Fund Notes

  1. W+GRA will accept funding requests of $1,000.00 ‐ $5,000.00. Proposals must include a brief budget with a budget narrative of the expenditures for the project.
  2. Each proposal must include the departmental Operating/State Fund to which the award shall be transferred. W+GRA may offer discretionary funds towards project-related expenses, on a case-by-case basis. Please confirm details of allowability with your departmental business liaison before submission.
  3. All unexpended funds must be returned to W+GRA by May 25, 2022.



Email all questions and proposals to Taylor Rauschenberg (ftrausch@uncc.edu) by 5:00 pm on Friday, October 15, 2021. Subject line should read “W+GRA Seed Grant RFP”.



For all funded proposals: the PI/primary contact is expected to provide project and budget status updates, as well as a final report to W+GRA at the end of the funding period (Thursday, June 30, 2022).



The copyright to any proposals and any work developed under an award from W+GRA will remain with the original creator(s). UNC Charlotte reserves a perpetual, non‐exclusive, non‐transferable, royalty‐free license to use any proposal and any work developed under an award from W+GRA for the university’s own non‐commercial educational or research use. Additionally, UNC Charlotte will have the right to obtain, reproduce, publish or otherwise use any data first produced under an award.

Any papers or publications embodying work developed under an award from W+GRA must contain an acknowledgment of that fact and our logo where appropriate.

Contact Taylor Rauschenberg at ftrausch@uncc.edu with any questions about the Seed Funding opportunity.