A cyclical pattern of research: Examples of creation and application of community-sourced research: A poster presentation by Brooke Palmer, Alexis Brightman, and Heather Brown at the 2015 Society for Community Research and Action's Southeastern ECO 

Of Women, By Women, For Women: An Oral History: A poster presentation by Raven Sansbury, Livingstone College, at the 2015 Smmer Undergraduate Research Conference. Raven worked with W+GRA as part of the  Summer Program to Increase Diversity in Undergraduate Research, UNC Charlotte

2014 Women + Girls Research Alliance Biennial Report

2012 Women''s Summit Action Book

Powerpoint Presentation on Gender and Representativeness on Appointed Government Boards and Commissions in Charlotte Mecklenburg, November 2012

Gender and the Career Experiences of Undergraduate Business School Alumni, April 2012

Disparity in Earnings Between Men and Women Across Industries in Charlotte-Mecklenburg, November 2011

The Great Recession, September, 2011

Women, Wages and Work, April, 2011

2009 Report on Disparity in Appointment of Women to City and County Boards and Commissions in Charlotte-Mecklenburg, December 2009

2008 Women’s Summit Action Book

The Campbell Report, Full Version, 2008

The Campbell Report, Executive Summary, 2008