The Women + Girls Research Alliance (W+GRA) is committed to improving the lives of women and girls in the greater Charlotte metropolitan area by facilitating partnerships among researchers, community leaders and civic investors that produce transformative outcomes. As an affiliate of UNC Charlotte’s urbanCORE, W+GRA leverages its unique connection to the University and the community to implement three strategies that produce innovative solutions to systemic challenges that impede the well-being of women and girls. Our goal is to make a difference in our community by providing fair and unbiased data and analyses, which leaders and activists can use to improve the lives of women and girls in the Greater Charlotte region.  Read more


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Michelle Meggs is the executive director of the Women + Girls Research Alliance, an affiliate of urbanCORE at UNC Charlotte. The more you learn about Meggs, the more you understand why this award was well-deserved. Her work with women and girls stretches across the Charlotte area, reaching numerous nonprofit organizations that help women make their way in a world full of obstacles and challenges.  Read the Full Article 

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