The Women + Girls Research Alliance (W+GRA) is committed to improving the lives of women and girls in the greater Charlotte metropolitan area by facilitating partnerships among researchers, community leaders and civic investors that produce transformative outcomes. As a unit of urbanCORE at Charlotte, W+GRA leverages its unique connection to the University and the community to implement three strategies that produce innovative solutions to systemic challenges that impede the well-being of women and girls. Our goal is to make a difference in our community by providing fair and unbiased data and analyses, which leaders and activists can use to improve the lives of women and girls in the Greater Charlotte region.  Read more



Taking Up Space: A Seat at the Table is a dynamic workshop series brought to you by She Built This City, Crossroads, UNC Charlotte Women + Girls Research Alliance, Stiletto Boss University and EllaFae Art. The event will be held at Grier Heights Community Center on Tuesday, October 10, 17 and 24 from 5 p.m. to 7 4:45 p.m. For more information click here, and/or register at, or contact

Established in 2006, the Women + Girls Research Alliance (W+GRA) provides the UNC Charlotte community a space to focus on crucial research and education on women's issues. Their work focuses on civic and political engagement, economic security and violence against women. The alliance is a unit of Charlotte's urbanCORE, which focuses on the challenges preventing women from success. They host events that extend their work and create conversations about the challenges of womanhood in the greater Charlotte area.  Click here to read more  


The Women + Girls Research Alliance (W+GRA) is excited to announce a call for proposals for projects that emphasize community partnerships and community-engaged research activities, that addresses the critical areas of mental health and wellness, economic security/mobility, and equity in the Charlotte metropolitan area. The W+GRA invites UNC Charlotte faculty to submit proposals from September 11, 2023 - October 23, 2023, that contribute to a deeper understanding of these vital issues and promote positive change within communities.  Visit the W+GRA Seed Grant Fund page for more details. 


The Black Girls Film Camp has an opportunity for a Graduate Student. They are seeking a Grant Weiting Fellow from October 23-June 24. For more information visit


The Women + Girls Research Alliance will be hosting the 2023 Leadership Cafe from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., at the Popp Martin Student Union at Charlotte. Click here for more informationAlso don't forget to sign-up to be a volunteer. Deadline to register is Monday, October 2. For more information reach out to Executive Director of the Women + Girls Research Alliance, Dr. Michelle Meggs at


The Mind, Bodywork and Spirit: Bodyweight Bodywork with Phoenix Rising Fitness, session will be held at the Harris Alumni Center on Thursday, September 7 from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Click here for more information
In three years the Women + Girls Research Alliance (W+GRA) has experienced many successes. From fostering important relationships with community partners and non-profit organizations, to curating an online Community Resource Network with more that 60 community-based organizations, to securing a $15,000 grant from the Ms. Foundation, to hosting a successful Taking Space Without Apology: A Women and Girls Leadership Café in 2022, to co-hosting the inaugural 2023 Charlotte Black Families Summit, the W+GRA has taken on challenges and met each opportunity to achieve.  Read the full report here


Women + Girls Research Alliance (W+GRA) convened a Leadership Café in October 2022 to better understand the issues faced by women and girls in the greater Charlotte metro area. Participants, who included UNC Charlotte faculty, community leaders, and Charlotte-Mecklenburg School (CMS) students, were invited to participate in small, facilitated conversations around issues impacting the lives of women and girls. This Commission Study documents the outcomes of this inaugural event. Click here to read the full report
Michelle Meggs is the executive director of the Women + Girls Research Alliance, an affiliate of urbanCORE at UNC Charlotte. The more you learn about Meggs, the more you understand why this award was well-deserved. Her work with women and girls stretches across the Charlotte area, reaching numerous nonprofit organizations that help women make their way in a world full of obstacles and challenges.  Read the Full Article 
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